Painted Pasta Necklace Craft

pasta necklace craftPainted Pasta Necklace Craft

Depending on where you live, you may still have a solid month remaining of summer vacation, or maybe you’re like us and have just a week or two! Either way, we can all appreciate a fun craft to keep our kiddos feeling creative and having fun (especially on those occasional rainy days)!

The Importance of Creativity

Creative time, art projects, and crafts are something that I have always prioritized and been intentional about for my children. As a former elementary art teacher, and having ran our very own art studio, I can see such a difference in children once they’ve had a chance to let their creativity run wild! Using their imaginations, and working with their hands, is a wonderful way to add calm into their day. I also find that some of the best conversations happen when we are making art together.

I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t wait until everything is perfect, or until you have all of the fancy craft or art supplies to get crafting. Use what you have on hand, often the simplest projects are the ones that our children love most.

Take a look around your home, and your art supply area to see what you can find! I think if you can lay different crafts or projects out early in the day, your kids will tend to find their way there and gravitate toward creative time. This is a great way for you to have a moment to yourself, but also don’t hesitate to give yourself your own creative time!

pasta necklace craft kidsLet Yourself be Creative

Our kids are forever watching us, and if they see you prioritize art and creativity in your life, they will be more likely to do the same. Model for them that it’s about the process, not about a perfect result! This takes the pressure off, and is a beautiful reminder for you and your kiddos.

This pasta necklace craft was an idea that came to me when I was checking the pantry for what to make for dinner. Simple, easy, creative fun! All you’ll need is pasta, string or yarn, and some paint!

Here are the steps and some photos for inspiration to create a pasta necklace craft for kids!

Pasta Necklace Craft

What you’ll need:
Paint (go with your favorite, I find acrylic or craft paint work best here).
Paint brushes
Pasta (pasta with holes work best. Penne, rigatoni, pinwheels, you name it!
Yarn or string
A mat or paper plate to paint on top of
Optional: glue, glitter, mini gems

Simple as can be, perfect for pasta necklace craft preschool or a pasta necklace craft for kids of all ages.

Choose a color palette and encourage your children to be as creative as they’d like to be! Paint the pasta, let it dry, and come back in to add adornments. Stripes or polka dots with paint, a layer of glue to sprinkle with glitter, or even add things like tiny gems on!
Once dry, measure out your yarn or string to the perfect length, and let your kiddos string their pasta beads onto their necklace! This step is great for hand eye coordination as well! Finally tie it off! I find it best to make it long enough to slide on over their head, rather than needing to untie to get on or off.

Watch your kiddos wear their new creation with pride!pasta necklace craft for kids


August 10, 2021


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