Choosing Paint Colors for our Home

paint colors for living room

Choosing Paint Colors For Our Home

We are so happy to be moving into our new home. Renovations are still very much underway, but I can see this space taking shape in a million tiny ways and it feels so good to see our vision come to life! I have such a strong belief that this will all feel SO worth it once we are making memories in this space together.

We’ve chosen all of the finishes for our home, from flooring, to lighting, to tile, to trim — all with our vision in mind. I am often asked how we choose paint colors, or what we would recommend, so I want to share with you some tips on how to choose paint colors for home, that will complement your style and home!

+ Start With An Overall Mood In Mind

Do you love earth tones, pops of color, a clean white backdrop to allow your decor and art to shine, or are you interested in following paint colors 2021 trends? There’s no wrong answer here! I tend to love a neutral background palette, with pretty soft and whimsical colors brought in through art, wallpaper, decor, and florals.

+ Consider What You’re Already Working With

Is there flooring, tile, carpeting, trimwork, furniture, cabinetry, wallpaper etc. that is already present and not something that you are changing out? When choosing paint colors for bedroom, paint colors for bathrooms, and paint colors that go with wood trim it helps to take all of this into consideration, you can really tie an entire space together by working on this flow!

paint colors for bathroom

+ Grab Swatches

I say start out with some paint swatch cards! Bring a bunch into the space. Take a look at them in different lighting, really narrow down what you are looking for. If you are choosing several colors, hold the cards next to one another, do they complement each other?

+ Paint Test Spots On Foam Board

If you plan on priming the space, feel free to add a larger square of the paint colors that you are choosing between right on the wall! It helps to look at these colors in different lighting, at different times of day, right next to each other, to really get a feel for how they will look! If you are using a darker color or not priming, buy foam core boards and paint each one with a larger swatch. Lean them against the wall near one another to get the same idea of how they look during different times of day and on a larger scale! Most hardware stores will sell for a small price, a sample size of their paint. Start there!

+ Less Can Be More

I absolutely love colorful spaces, and I have seen such gorgeous homes that make daring color choices, and have many colors throughout! I think it’s totally up to your taste and what you love most. For us, I chose a beautiful neutral white, Sherwin Williams Snowbound and a pretty warmer white tone for my office, Benjamin Moore Gray Mist. As an artist, I almost think of these as a canvas backdrop, and then I layer in color through our artwork and decor. I also plan on wallpapering a lot of our spaces (stay tuned for this!!) so, I think starting with white in most spaces will be perfect for us!

I cannot wait to share more photos here as our spaces come together!

paint colors for bedroom


August 20, 2021


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