New House Renovation: Beauty in the Progress

 house renovation

New House Renovation: Beauty in the Progress

We’ve made a lot of progress on our house renovation this summer, and I’m pausing to take it all in! I tend to move quickly when I have a vision for something, so our renovation has been a practice in patience and remembering that there is beauty in the becoming, and gratitude to be found in slow and steady progress!

house renovation ideas exterior

house renovation ideas budget

I’ve loved the shared excitement that we’ve been able to experience by taking you all along on this journey with us and all of our house renovation ideas! Your encouragement has meant so much, and is a reminder of how beautiful this community is. Since we’ve taken you along with us for so much of our family’s story, it feels natural to share with you as our new home takes shape!

house renovation ideas before and after

house renovation ideas

So far in our renovation we’ve demoed flooring — we added hardwoods throughout (Riva Floors – Crystal Thunder), and tiling in bathrooms and our entryway. We took out kitchen cabinetry and changed much of the flow downstairs. We built a new kitchen plan and added new cabinetry in. We are still waiting on appliances, paint for the cabinets, countertops and more! We’ve taken down walls, added sliding doors into our living area out to the backyard, added trim, painted the entire interior, and most recently we’ve added quite a bit of lighting! We changed up our staircase, and we’ve added cabinetry and built in desks in our school/homework/art space, and remodeled each of our bathrooms. So many house renovation ideas before and after, and I’ve made a house renovation checklist to go off of.

house renovation ideas

home renovation before and afterJust writing that all out, I’m truly realizing how much has been done to make this house into our family’s home and a reflection of us. These are our phase one renovations, we have much more in mind long term, including house renovation ideas exterior, but we felt like these changes would make a big impact on how we live in our space.

house renovation ideas budgethouse renovation ideas fixer upper

I’m looking forward to layering in more of our style, from wallpaper, to rugs, curtains, textiles, more lighting, furniture and more! Each stage things come together more and more! It helps me to reflect back on our former homes, and the time, attention to detail, and hard work that went into creating each special space. Good things take time, and are worth the patience that it takes to help them come together.

house renovation ideas exteriorhouse renovation before and afterThis time spent creating our home is a process, and I am grateful for each opportunity that we’ve had to see this all take shape. I feel more excited at every turn, and I get such joy out of watching each of our children make themselves more at home, and to embrace their new spaces as well. I value their input and have involved them in decision making for each of their bedrooms!

house renovation ideashouse renovation ideas fixer upperI’ll be sure to share more details as they come together here. From house renovation ideas budget to house renovation ideas fixer upper, I hope to share lots of inspiration. It feels like we are in a phase right now where things are changing more rapidly and each day another space is being made over!

house renovation checklist


August 29, 2021


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