Kids Summer Survival Kit

summer survival kit for kids

Summer Survival Kit for Kids

We love summer vacation, and look forward to all of the time together as a family. Feeling unhurried, making plans for trips, fun days by the pool or visiting the beach — truly soaking in each day and doing our best to savor the summer!

It’s fun for me to plan activities and surprises for our kids along the way. I thought putting together a little “summer survival kit” for each kiddo would be a special way to kick off vacation! You could totally customize this to your child, and keep their interests and favorite activities and colors in mind!

summer survival kit for kids

To make our summer survival kit I included:

+ A beach basket, perfect for corralling sand toys together to take to the beach. You could use a little cooler bag, a beach bag, or a sand bucket!

+ A water squirter. Fun at the pool and in the backyard, my kids love to play with these and to chase each other around — lots of big laughs from these!

+ Sandals, slides or flip flops. I was in love with the rainbow theme of these, and my girls adore them! Something cute to kick off the summer, and they will surely get their use out of them.

+ A hat or visor. Sun protection is so important, and these hats are lightweight and still allow for airflow. The amount of times my kids spend in the sun, sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough to protect their little faces.

+ Colorful bubble wands. We always have some of these around. The larger bubbles are fun and my big kids will blow them for our littlest ones, they get such a kick out of them!

+ Sunglasses. Pretty self explanatory, but these ones are extra cute! I love to get my girls matching clothing and accessories and these do not disappoint! Also, eye protection is so important, especially by the reflective water and during the summer.

+ Little beach bags. These are perfect for my girls to have something to carry individually to the beach or pool. Whether they throw a lip balm, hair ties, some sunglasses, and sunscreen in, or just some of their treasures that they love to have on them, these are super cute and come in such fun colors! This becomes its own summer survival kit for kids or summer survival kit for teens in itself!

+ Buncho Balloons. These are genius! Seriously where were these when I was a kid. It makes filling water balloons SO easy and fast. Make tons at once and then sit back and watch your kids have the time of their lives! Or jump in and play with them, fair warning: with this many balloons it’s going to be quite the water balloon fight!

summer survival kit for kids

You’ve made a summer survival kit for students, but you could also make a summer survival kit for teachers and gift to them at the end of the school year! Of course you would change up the items, but I think they would be so happy to get summer survival kit gifts like this!

Each of these items were simple enough to put together, and I think keeping each summer survival kit easy to grab, maybe by the back door, is a fun way to encourage your children to get outside and to have fun together! In a way this becomes a summer survival kit for moms and a summer survival kit for adults, because it encourages our kids to play together!

These moments are fleeting, and I am all for anything that makes soaking up summer extra memorable.

summer survival kit for teachers

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July 14, 2021


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