Cool Summer Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

sidewalk chalk art ideas creativeCool Summer Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

We’re always looking for fun outdoor activities that we can do together as a family! Bonus points if they are creative, and get my kiddos using their imaginations. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun, enter in: sidewalk chalk or sidewalk chalk paint! More than likely you already have some on hand, here are a few sidewalk chalk art ideas to get those summer creative juices flowing:

+ Make Sidewalk Chalk People +

Have your children lay down flat, and trace the outline of their body. Next, let them do the rest! Have them add hair, a face, clothing, let their imaginations run wild!

+ Create Chalk Bedrooms/ Houses +

Tell each kid to get as creative as they want and to decorate their dream bedroom or home. They can draw a life size bed, add any decorations they would like, make the “room” completely their own! Once their drawings are done I have a feeling they’ll continue to play!

+ Make a Photo “back drop” Flat Lay +

I’ve seen so many cute ideas like this! Whether you draw a sky and a bundle of balloons and make it look like your child is floating in the sky, add an umbrella and raindrops, or a silly drawing, have your child pose for super fun photos!

+ Make Sidewalk Chalk Games! +

You can think of something totally new like a giant game board, a sidewalk chalk obstacle course for kids, or go with the classics like hopscotch, twister, tic tac toe, fill in the blank etc. What a fun way to teach your children some new games, and encourage them to play with one another!

+ Write a Message of Kindness +

Inspirational quotes, messages of hope, and encouragement can act as affirmations while you and your children are writing them out, and can also lift the spirits of passersby! Such a sweet way to incorporate kindness into play. This is one of my favorite sidewalk chalk art ideas creative!

+ Seasonal/ Holiday +

Make a drawing based on the current season or an upcoming holiday. Or incorporate a lesson surrounding all four seasons, and draw themed pictures.

+ Create Your Own Island +

This one really gets the imagination going! Have each child make their own island, and then decide what they would want to bring onto their island. They can draw each little detail out, and can tour one another’s islands once everyone is finished.

+ Practice Letters/ Name Writing +

This is especially fun for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Sidewalk chalk is a great interactive way for them to practice their ABCs and writing out their names!

+ Draw a themed world from your kid’s favorite movie/show/book +

Does your child love a certain movie, tv show or book character? Have them recreate their world in sidewalk chalk! They can even bring any of their toys, stuffed animals or dolls outside that go along with the theme!

+ Christmas in July! +

Draw Christmas trees and have your children decorate them! They could also decorate snowmen, gingerbread men, or anything festive! How fun to have a touch of the holidays in the middle of the summer!

+ Make a Chalk Garden +

Let your kiddos draw their favorite fruits, veggies and herbs, they can even draw a pretend watering can!

The possibilities for sidewalk chalk art are endless, what’s most important is that your children have this time outside to enjoy summer, and to be creative together! Happy drawing!sidewalk chalk art

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July 22, 2021


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