Nantucket Home Tour

nantucket home

Nantucket Home Tour

nantucket homes exteriornantucket home plansnantucket home plansnantucket home interior

Nantucket, Massachusetts is one of my absolute favorite places on earth. There is a sense of peace that washes over me in this charming beautiful town. It’s been my mother’s dream for as long as I can remember, to have our family all there together on vacation, and we’ve made it a point to make this a tradition summer after summer.

This year, our family, my parents, and my brother’s family all went together, with homes right next to one another ( these are peeks at everyone’s!) . It was such a beautiful time with memories made to last a lifetime! Our children soaked in the long days of summer, with family close by, sunny days swimming in the pool, bike rides, beach walks, delicious food, and easy living.

Nantucket is known for their fishing history, there are stunning cliffside views, darling lighthouses, picturesque harbors, delicious seafood, and quaint shops, restaurants, and breathtaking homes.

nantucket homes exteriornantucket homes exteriornantucket home plansnantucket homeNantucket Homes

One of my favorite things about Nantucket are the beautiful, classic, and charming homes. Nantucket just screams summer, it’s equal parts romance, whimsy, nostalgia, and classic beauty! All things that speak to my heart. As Texans, we also love escaping the heat for a bit. Walking the neighborhoods of Nantucket, that classic beach home feel, with cascading flowers, an abundance of hydrangeas, white picket fences, it feels like you’re in a story book!

If you aren’t familiar, Nantucket is on an Island off of Massachusetts. The style really draws its influence from the sea, and its fishing history. Nantucket style is airy, classic coastal, with organic and natural elements. Typically you’ll see many neutral elements, and also pops of color that add a playful element to the design.

nantucket home decornantucket home interiornantucket home decornantucket home decornantucket home interiornantucket home decornantucket homeNantucket Style

There are literal interpretations in some of the interior design found in Nantucket homes.  Nautical elements and a nod to their fishing history, but I tend to feel most drawn to the more transitional coastal feel, nothing too cliche, just authentic East Coast charm!

We love seeing Nantucket home exterior after exterior, walking through town and picking out which homes we like most, what I wouldn’t give to be able to tour every Nantucket home interior! The gorgeous flowers covering each roof, they will each take your breath away! I am so drawn to the style. I found my creativity flowing, knowing that I would take back much inspiration as we continue to renovate and decorate our new home.

nantucket home nantucket home decornantucket home interiornantucket homes exteriornantucket home interiornantucket homenantucket homeClassic Home Inspiration

I feel truly blessed to have had these moments away from the busyness of our move and renovation, to slow down, enjoy our family, and give my mind a chance to feel restored and ready to return, excited to layer inspiration from our adventures into our home.

nantucket home decornantucket home plansnantucket home interiornantucket home interiornantucket home decorSharing my Nantucket Home Favorites

I thought it might be fun to share some Nantucket home decor, a Nantucket home tour, if you will! As well as some pieces that would truly bring that classic beach town feel into any home! These are a few photos of some of the Nantucket home inspiration that I was most drawn to! What do you think, could you see yourself incorporating some of these elements into your home’s design style?

nantucket home interiornantucket home plansnantucket home plansnantucket homes exteriornantucket home plans

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July 16, 2021


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