Our Trip to Beautiful Watercolor Florida

watercolor floridaOur Trip to Beautiful Watercolor Florida

I shared this on social media and meant every word: if I could have paused time years ago, I would have. And if I had paused time then, I’d be missing this. And goodness, this is such a sweet season I’d be missing.

Times like these, vacations away, especially during this busy season for our family — it helps us to pause longer than normal, to really take in our children. How much they’ve grown, who they are in this moment, what has changed most about them, what will always stay the same… It’s such a gift to our hearts as parents to take this time to be with our children.

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Our Favorite Family Vacation Spot

Watercolor, Florida is this magical place for us. It truly feels like time stands still. The powdery white sandy beaches, crystal aqua blue waters, dreamy Watercolor Florida homes that line the seashore, the quaint little town with restaurants, shops, and our favorite sno cones. It truly feels picturesque, and I can see an extra sparkle in my children’s eyes when we are here. Something comes alive in me too, when I let go of worry, and live in the moment with our family. In Watercolor Florida things to do are not hard to come by, there is so much here for families!

It’s hard not to just be present here, with the way that we spend our days in Watercolor, Florida. We ride bikes almost everywhere we go, spend hours along the beach and in the waves – watching Adelaide play in the sand and the big kids in the ocean with their dad at Watercolor Florida beach, we swim in our pool every afternoon, have cookouts and visit our favorite restaurants. We get into a sweet rhythm as a family of how we spend our days at the beach, and each day blends into each other in the best kind of way!

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A Time to Pause, During a Season of Transition

This year feels extra special for many reasons. Last year we canceled our annual trip to Watercolor, and we’ve missed it here so much. We are in the midst of a lot of change as a family. Last week we said goodbye to our family home, walked out together, and turned off the lights for the very last time.

In the coming weeks we will officially move into our new home, so many memories to be made — yet still the closing of a chapter. Though it was hard to leave during such a chaotic time, it honestly has been the perfect reset for our family. A much needed deep breath and exhale. A forced time to slow down and be together without distraction or worry.

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Forever Grateful for These Memories

I know that I will forever look back on these memories, pour over these photos, and be taken right back in my mind to this moment in time. All of our kiddos together, on the brink of new beginnings for our family.

I pray that these traditions can live on for our children, even after we aren’t all living under the same roof. I hope that they bring their families here, and are swept away by nostalgia and all that they experienced here, at the start of their childhood summers.

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June 3, 2021


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