Aiden’s Reptile Room

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Aiden’s Reptile Room

We are well underway on our renovation, and counting down the days until we can fully move in!! Right now, we are a bit in that messy middle phase — things are taking shape, but not quite there yet. My heart skips a beat when I think of all of the memories to be made inside these walls. Living at my parents house in the meantime and its been so sweet to be here with them in this season.

I want this home to feel safe, filled with love, magic, and whimsy for our kiddos. Sometimes it feels easier to do this for our girls, so I wanted to make sure that we took on a special project for our son, Aiden. He’s getting his very own “reptile room” and I cannot think of a more deserving kiddo. Ever since he was little we have embraced his passion and this is another way to foster that! You guys have been asking, here is our reptile care supply list!!

Aiden’s Love for Reptiles

Aiden is the most tender, courageous, and precious soul. Truly, I can’t begin to sing his praises enough. Since he was old enough to talk, Aiden has always been in love with reptiles, dinosaurs, lizards, snakes — you name it. This is absolutely a passion for him, something that has stood the test of time. He got really into Godzilla at a young age and has always been drawn to these animals.

In our old house, Aiden had all of his reptiles in his bedroom with him, on a shelving unit in their tanks and cages. Once we chose which bedroom was for which kiddo, I realized that there was a fairly large hall closet outside of Aiden’s room. Inspiration struck and I thought, what if we turned this space into a reptile room setup for our precious boy! A space entirely dedicated to all of his favorite creatures, right off of his bedroom!

reptile roomCreating a Reptile Room

I began searching reptile room ideas, reptile room aesthetic, reptile room decor, and reptile room ideas diy, to get a full picture for how we wanted to plan out his space!

To make this happen we removed the door and had the frame cut into an archway. Some of the interior shelving was changed around to incorporate space for Aiden’s many reptile tanks and cages. He has special lighting for some. We will also have some storage for everything that he needs to care for them. I think he is most excited that now he will have some extra room to add to his ever growing reptile crew! I found lots of reptile room ideas snake cage and for his lizards as well! We also plan to add a sink in here just for his pet stuff!

Boys Rooms with Personality

Aiden is such a sweet caregiver to his reptiles, he’s always been tender with them and responsible for taking care of them. I love learning through him and seeing the passion light him up from within. This is something that has been years and years in the making, and it’s so special for me as his mama to give him this space! To think back to him as a small kid with lizards and snakes in his pockets, frogs coming out of his lunchboxes, to now this twelve year old with such a passion for caring for his animals — I am so beyond proud of him!

I hope that this home holds many forever memories for our children. Girls rooms can be really fun to decorate, and easier to add whimsy and magic to. I have been intentional to make sure that Aiden gets the same magic with his space, with things that interest him and spark creativity and imagination.

Stay tuned, definitely going to have him give you guys a tour on instagram!

reptile room setup

Aiden’s Reptile Supplies and Sources Here!!


June 21, 2021


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