Everything You Need To Know About Fake Grass

fake grass

Everything You Need To Know About Fake Grass

Whenever I show photos from our backyard pool area of our previous house, I’m frequently asked questions about our grass. Some wonder how we keep it so green, and I’m always up front with saying that our grass is “turf”/ fake grass and we LOVE it! So many of you seem intrigued about fake grass, so I thought that I would share everything that you need to know about fake grass here!

fake grass balcony

Why We Went With a Fake Grass Backyard

We felt that fake grass would be very simple to maintain (it is!) and that it would be less slippery for the kids. I love that in a hot climate like Texas, our grass stays green year round, this is especially important during drought season. It is a bit of an investment, but truly pays for itself over time. We have been really happy with our fake grass backyard, and would choose it again in a heartbeat. fake grass garden ideas

Fake Grass Backyard Ideas

I have seen so many people be creative and inventive when it comes to putting fake grass in. Everything from fake grass garden ideas, fake grass balcony, fake grass patio and porches (this can be really nice for pets in a small space), artificial grass mixed in with patio pavers in a checkerboard pattern, fake grass wall for a fun stylized outdoor feature wall, there truly are so many ways that you can utilize fake grass — whether in a small or large space!fake grass ideas

Fake Grass Options

Fake grass requires no mowing, watering, seeding, or any other upkeep that comes with real grass. Depending on the quality of the artificial grass that you go with, some can last up to 25 years — which to me seems completely worth the investment. I recommend looking into a professional in your area, they can show you different options and walk you through the installation process. You might find that there is a certain type of fake grass that you are most drawn to, especially if there is a type that blends into the area that you live in and looks the most natural. Also if you have pets, no mud! fake grass patio 1

Fake Grass Maintenance

Depending on what climate you live in, you may have little to no maintenance for your fake grass. I know that using a leaf blower to clean debris, a gentle broom designed for fake grass, and sometimes a good wash down or rinse can be important to the longevity of your fake lawn. It’s recommended to go in this order: clean (remove any debris), rinse, brush, repeat. We haven’t had to do much of this and ours has stayed looking new, but maintenance can be important especially in high traffic areas.

For our family, the benefits made the price worth it, and we have been really happy with our artificial lawn. The kids enjoy playing on it, we’ve hosted many backyard BBQs and parties — and always get positive feedback about our artificial lawn. I recommend it to anyone who asks us about ours!fake grass patiofake grass wall


June 28, 2021


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