Life Is Sweeter At The Beach

Life Is Sweeter At The Beach

Our most precious time of the year, is summertime at our favorite beach. I treasure every day that we are here in Watercolor, Florida—white sandy beaches, glowing turquoise water, it feels like pure magic! I can see it on my children’s faces, they feel it too, how special the memories are that we are making here.

I wanted to share some of our beach pictures here, so that they can live here on the blog too!

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Our Family Beach Trip

This year, we came to Watercolor, Florida for two weeks. With everything going on with our home renovation and big move, it was hard to get away, but SO very worth it. We needed this time to recharge, pause, and be together. We have a new rhythm here at the beach, nothing is hurried. With so much change coming for our family, I think this trip will be a beautiful reminder that no matter what is going on in life, when we have each other we have everything we need.

Being at the beach makes me feel like a kid again in many ways. There’s something nostalgic about long summer days, sunkissed skin, sandy toes. The days that feel like they go on forever, each of them blending into one another. Sunsets with beautiful colors that light up the sky. Slow days, laughter, and play. This is the magic of summer, and the magic of being at the beach.

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Our Beach Routine

Most of our days start out here at the house with breakfast and then a ride to the beach. The kids could play at the beach endlessly. I love how calm the water can be here. It’s crystal clear and perfect for swimming. The most gorgeous beach aesthetic. Watercolor would be such an ideal spot for a beach wedding.

When we head down to the beach we wear beach outfit and we pack beach toys like wakeboards, frisbees, sand toys, and beach balls. I can’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude when I stand back, and watch my family at the ocean together. It’s such a sweet time.

We usually then head back to our beach house and relax or swim in the pool for a bit and eat lunch at home. In past years we have gotten a house directly on the beach, but we love being closer to town so that we can ride bikes for lunch or dinner. The town is adorable, with lots of our favorite spots. Then in the afternoons we love to walk around town, shop and then get an early dinner! Now of our best tips is to go to be at the beach at 8 or 9am and you basically have it to yourself!

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Memories Made at The Beach

We’re all usually pretty tired out from a day outside in the sun, and relax in the evenings and head to bed early. Sunkissed skin, still feeling the ocean waves as we fade off into sleep. Life truly is sweeter at the beach.

We know what is waiting for us when we head home, and we are grateful and excited. It will take a lot to unpack and settle in to our new home. This time has been restorative for us all, and will send us into our new chapter rested and filled to the brim with beautiful moments together, and slower less hurried days.

This trip has been a reminder for me, that life does not slow down on its own. We have to be intentional about making this time happen for our family. It can take planning, and rearranging, but it is always worth it. More worth it than we can even anticipate. We don’t get this time back, so instead we grab onto it the best we can, and live in the moment together in our happy place. I will never ever regret protecting family time for us 6- its been a beautiful intentional gift.

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Some of our swimsuits and beach items from the week for you to click through here, 


June 11, 2021


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