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I have a heart for creating beautiful and intentional spaces. I believe that adding personality and character to a home should feel accessible and fun!

There’s nothing quite like wallpaper to transform a space. I’ve fallen in love with the ease of removable wallpaper, whether you’re covering an entire room, or adding a small accent wall — suddenly there is new life and added charm.

We’ve done several wallpaper projects in our current home, and have big plans for wallpapering our new home. Many of these below, we will be adding to our home this summer!

I am beyond thrilled to introduce my collection with Curated Walls.


With multiple print options of removable floral wallpapers to add beauty to any corner of your home. Each design features soft florals and classic, yet whimsical designs.

I hope that you feel empowered to make your space a reflection of you!

Because of my love for making over a space with wallpaper, I’m sharing a few tips for wallpapering your space!wallpaper home decor classic

Installing Peel & Stick Wallpaper Tips/ Wallpaper Home Decor:

Be Sure to Measure

Choose the wall or room that you plan to wallpaper, and make sure to measure the space. I sometimes recommend having a bit extra, just in case you run into any issues. It’s worth it to plan ahead, so that installation runs smoothly.

Lay Out Each Panel

I like to use the floor space in front of the wall that I plan to wallpaper. Laying everything out first will help you to visualize and to make sure that the pattern that you’re using lines up/ matches up and is cohesive. Any planning on the front end will make installation a breeze.

Extra Hands Are a Plus

Peel and stick is the simplest wallpaper to install, but I still recommend having two people. It really helps to have someone holding the paper, while the other removes the backing and smooths it to the wall. It’s possible to do the job solo, but it’s definitely helpful to have extra hands!

Take Your Time

Anytime we’ve rushed this process, it doesn’t apply as smoothly. Take the time to slowly smooth out every air bubble or ridge, to get the wallpaper to lay as flat as possible. You can simply smooth with your hands or you can choose to use a squeegee to work out any air bubbles. With each panel you’ll find this to be easier, it takes a bit of practice and then becomes simpler as you go.

Line it Up

Line up each paper before pulling the backing off. Make sure the patterns line up, then begin to slowly peel the backing away while smoothing down the paper to the wall. We don’t remove the backing all at once, we pull it off as we go — smoothing the whole time. We do our best to get things lined up first, so that we don’t need to reposition.wallpaper home decor modernwallpaper home decor modern 1

Step back and enjoy your transformed space! There’s something so gratifying about a simple project that makes a huge impact. Wallpaper home decor classic and wallpaper home decor modern can blend nicely together from room to room.

Wallpaper is the perfect way to add whimsy and personality to any space — whether it’s wallpaper home decor living room, wallpaper home decor bedroom, wallpaper home decor bathroom or anywhere that speaks to you.

I cannot wait to see my collection fill your homes!


wallpaper home decor bedroomwallpaper home decor living roomwallpaper home decor bathroom

Make sure and tag me so that I can see these designs in your homes!


May 26, 2021


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