Demo Series Part 2: Sliding Glass Door Makeover

sliding glass door makeover Sliding Glass Door Makeover

Everything is progressing nicely over at our new home!!  The renovation is well underway, and one area that is getting the biggest transformation is our living room and kitchen area, as well as the opening out to our patio. We had the vision to knock down a wall and add sliding glass doors, and the transformation is already taking shape!sliding glass door makeover patio

Sliding Glass Door Makeover Patio

There are many parts to our home that I can almost envision being completed, with our family gathering around, making memories together. The kitchen and living room will truly be the heart of our home, and we are really big on indoor-outdoor living. I want our living room doors to open in a way that it feels like a seamless transition out to our backyard, from inside.

In order to achieve this look, we took our time browsing sliding glass door ideas. Chris knew that part of the wall would need to come down, in order to make the space for large sliding or folding glass doors. These will let in so much light into the space, which is another must-have for our home.sliding glass door makeover diy

Sliding Glass Door Makeover Sliders

As soon as the space opened up, for the doors to go in, I could already feel such a difference. It’s really incredible how much of a change adding a feature like this in will make. Folding glass door makeover dining rooms and sliding glass door makeover kitchen filled the inspiration folder on my phone as we worked to find the perfect option for our home! I am so happy with how this step has turned out and the difference it will make.sliding glass door makeover dining rooms

Sliding Glass Door Makeover Ideas

Having a sliding glass door makeover idea, really began from the long term vision for our home. We eventually want to fill the current pool in, and put a new pool in right where the doors would open, below the patio area. We think this will truly add to the indoor outdoor living flow, create wide open spaces, and make it really lovely to host backyard pool parties and family BBQs!

I am beginning to love seeing this all come together in stages. The moment that the wall was knocked down to make room for the folding glass doors, already made such an impact. Now when they are installed, drywall goes in, trim is added, paint, flooring, furniture are all layered in etc. all of the many aspects that make a house into a home, I think these doors will give this space new life.

Our plan is to move in 2 weeks, and it’s almost hard to believe that so much is going to come together by then! A great deal of hard work, planning, and doing our renovation in stages is going to make this all possible for our family! There’s really nothing like working hard for a vision, and then getting to watch it become reality. Our family is forever grateful for our journey to this home!sliding glass door makeover ideas


May 3, 2021


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