Summer Skin Care Regimen

Summer Skin Care Regimen

Who doesn’t want healthy skin that glows from within? Especially during summer – when we want to feel our best, and tend to wear less makeup. Using essential oils and natural beauty has made such a difference in my skin!

Two ways that I love to incorporate oils into my skincare routine are by making beauty serums and balancing toner mists. A couple of my favorite recipes recently, for the glowiest skin:

Summer Glow Serum

In a glass dropper bottle add your carrier oil of choice. Great carrier oils for our face are jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil – to name a few!

Top with:
15 drops of Frankincense
5 drops of blue tansy
5 drops of rose (to be extra special!)

Smells like a dream and is SO good for your skin!

Balancing Toner

In a glass spray bottle add 1 part water and 1 part witch hazel and:

20 drops lavender
10 drops manuka
10 drops frankincense

Shake well and mist your face after cleansing! This is hydrating and balancing all in one.

I am also a huge fan of Young Living’s Beauty Boost and love our ART Renewal Serum. I put the Beauty boost on every night- its so dreamy !

I love a fresh face and clean glowing skin, even on those days when I’m just hanging by the pool, it feels so good to pamper myself in this way!

Important note: essential oils can be photosensitive. Do not apply oils on your face before heading out into the sun. These would be for a night time skincare routine. Be sure to apply SPF on your face daily!



May 5, 2021


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