5 Steps To An Organized Closet

organized closet5 Steps To An Organized Closet

With a big move for our family happening T O D A Y , I’ve been doing my best to plan how we will organize our spaces. I am making sure that each of us have an organized closet, with a system in place that makes it easy to maintain!!

Though packing can be time consuming and stressful, I really do love how a move gives us a fresh start, and forces us to take inventory of our possessions. It’s a great way to declutter, and to prioritize finding a space for the things we really use.organized closet by color

Organized Closet Ideas

A great place to start is first browsing Pinterest. Next gather all of the organizational materials you have or order/ shop for what you may need. Think things like baskets/ containers, matching hangers/ space saving hangers, dividers, drawer organizers or anything else you may need. I linked some favorites in this post!

Take a moment, in front of/ inside of your closet with a pencil and paper. Don’t focus on how things are now, instead sketch out or label what you feel might be most functional. Designing and having a plan up front, will make putting things away and organizing much easier!organized closet baskets

5 Steps to an Organized Closet

1. Start with an empty closet.
I know that this will be a lot of work, you may need a weekend to complete this process, but starting from scratch is so important. This will allow you to truly plan out your organized closet aesthetic and layout. This also forces us to put our hands on each article of clothing or accessory to truly ask ourselves if we need to hang on to it or not.

2. Create a system.
Ask yourself what might work best for you, organizing by the type of clothing item, the occasion (dressy vs casual etc.), or organized closet by color. Something that will help you to easily put your clean or new clothing away, and will allow you to find what you are looking for quickly.

3. Gather Organization Materials.
Start at home first, you’d be surprised what you might have on hand. Gather things like large baskets, small organizers, bins, and order things like dividers, matching hangers or space saving hangers. Whether you are working with an organized closet walk in or an organized closet small, having these materials will really help to contain everything and keep like things together. Organized closet baskets make things feel simplified.

4. Have Sections.
This is helpful for organized closets small bedrooms and large bedrooms alike. Create zones within your closet. Make it simple to know exactly where each of your items are. This really helps with our kiddos’ closets, and makes things simpler for little helpers.

5. Keep it Tidy.
Sounds simple enough, right? But I think having a laundry hamper in the closet, a small trash can for things like tags or discarded packaging can make tidying up simpler. Maintaining your organized closet will be less trouble, if you take a few minutes at the end of each day to put things away, rather than allowing it all to pile up.

Having an organized closet is one way that we can make our days feel less chaotic. Sometimes this takes intentionality, but I am really looking forward to the process. organized closet aestheticorganized closet 1organized closet ideas

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May 24, 2021


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