Demo Series: Flooring Remodel

flooring remodel

Demo Series: Flooring Remodel

We are continuing to make progress on the remodel of our new home. If you’ve been following along, our move was a bit unexpected, and we’ve experienced heartache along the way. As things with our new home start to take shape, I am feeling myself leaning into gratitude and excitement for this next chapter.

I cannot believe what a difference a few weeks can make in the demo process. We’ve knocked down walls, reworked our kitchen and living room, added sliding doors out to our porch, remodeled bathrooms, added lots of beautiful trim, and have started the process of flooring remodeling!flooring remodel before and afterflooring remodel ideasflooring remodel before and afterFlooring Remodel Before, Stay Tuned for the Afters! 

We fell in love with this house, and it has been really important to me that whatever we are redoing, holds true to the integrity of the home. It’s such a classic beauty, and I don’t want to lose any charm along the way, but instead want to highlight all that we love about this house. We kept this in mind as we chose our flooring.

We chose Riva Floors: Crystal Thunder

We spent a lot of time at Floor & Decor to gather flooring remodel ideas and to look at flooring on a budget while choosing all of the details, from new bathroom tiles, to the hardwood floors that will fill the downstairs. Ripping up all of the tile was a messy job, and things definitely look worse before they look better!

I’ve loved choosing the hardwoods, they are reminiscent of the floors from our current home, but a bit different. I think the continuity of the floors downstairs will flow really nicely. I can hardly wait for when they are laid down and the walls are painted. Just when I think that we are far off from being finished with this phase of the renovation, so much can happen in a few short days, and everything starts to come together.flooring remodel diyflooring remodel ideasflooring remodel on a budgetFlooring Remodel Tile

Choosing flooring remodeling tile for the bathrooms has been a really enjoyable process. I am loving making each of the kiddo’s bathrooms feel more like them, and to have their personalities reflected in them. Choosing tile was one of my favorite parts of this process. I’ve gone with classics tones and finishes, and am adding whimsy in where I can. I am in love with some of the tile that we laid that looks like flowers! I cannot wait to show the reveal as they come together!flooring remodel diyflooring remodelA New Chapter

I am so grateful to be able to lean into this process. To be a part of each step of making this dream a reality for our family. Every new layer that is completed, is a reminder for me of how far we have come. I truly feel in my heart that there is beauty and goodness waiting for our family in this next chapter that we are walking into together.

This entire process has served as a reminder for me, that sometimes in the hard moments we cannot see what their purpose is. We can question why things are happening a certain way, and feel lost or confused. But if we can hold onto faith and keep our hearts open for what is next, there is beauty waiting for us on the other side of some of our most trying times.

I can’t wait to share more with you all, as each piece of the story of our home comes together!flooring remodel

Stay Tuned, lots more to share! 


May 10, 2021


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