Home Renovation Demo Series

home renovation

Home Renovation Demo Series

The demolition of our new home is well underway! If you just started following along, we are in the process of renovating our house. We are working hard to make each vision a reality, and we are excited to share the process of home renovation here with you all.

So many of you have been part of this dream from day one. You’ve seen the road that led us here, filled with heartache along the way. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to create this dream home together.

Our Timeline

We are on a bit of a tight timeline for our home renovation. We closed on our new home in March, and plan to move in during May. The entire scope of our renovation won’t be completed by then, but it has been our hope to get bigger jobs that can be messy, like flooring, kitchen demo, trim, paint etc. finished before we move in. We then will continue to work room by room and take you along every step of the way, for our home renovation before and after!

home renovation before and afterDemolition is Underway

Demo is well underway right now, if you follow along on social media, you’ve seen us share home renovation ideas as well as behind the scenes of our floors torn up, cabinetry ripped out, carpets taken out, lots of dust and a whole lot of messiness in the middle! But it all feels very exciting, and things will start taking shape more and more as we go.

Home renovation on a budget for old houses is something that I absolutely love to follow along with and get inspiration from, and so I really hope to share as much of our process as I can here with you.home renovation home renovation before and after

home renovation on a budgetBig Changes to Make Dreams Happen

One of the bigger changes that we made, was removing a bathroom to open up a hallway that will lead to our kitchen and den. I really want this space to flow nicely, to feel open and cohesive, so losing a bathroom seems like it will be a trade off that is well worth it!

The kitchen is always my favorite space in each of our homes. So much magic made there, countless hours of life lived, and precious memories made. I want to take great care in the planning of this heart of our home, so that we can enjoy it for many years to come.home renovation before and afterhome renovation ideas

home renovation ideasAll of the Details Matter

We’ve begun putting in our custom trim, and it feels really special. Adding pieces like this, that were once just living in my head, make this vision more of a reality. I truly cannot wait to see our home come together piece by piece. It feels like such a redemptive chapter in our family’s story, and I will never lose sight of that.

We have always been really passionate about home renovation diy and home renovations on a budget, which has made this process run smoothly. After many years of learning as we go, we feel more equipped to take on a project of this size. So many little things along the way add up!

We feel fortunate to be able to hire professional assistance for this home renovation, due to the scale of the work and our timeline, it is such a blessing to have support in that way. Chris and I are involved each day, and having extra hands makes the entire process feel more manageable.

I’m sharing some photos with you, each step of the process, so that you can continue to take part in our family’s story and this next chapter for us!home renovation diyhome renovation before and afterhome renovation diyhome renovationhome renovation ideashome renovation on a budgethome renovation on a budget old houses

What is your favorite part so far!!


April 27, 2021


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