A Beautiful Goodbye

A Beautiful Goodbye

Our beloved home. The place where so much changed for our family. Inside of these walls, there was restoration and redemption found, after many years of struggle and loss.

This goodbye will be hard, but I am grateful for the hard, because it reminds me of how much life was lived here. 

With tears in my eyes and hope in my heart, let’s take a walk down memory lane together. To honor this home of ours, that will forever hold a beautiful chapter of our stories. 

With each new home project, I felt creativity and life streaming in. We worked hard to renovate this home to feel like a haven for our family. From wallpaper, to a kitchen remodel, to the play house of our girls’ dreams.

I grew a business from home here. My husband surprised me with the most beautiful office, to further those dreams. It was there that I worked on launching my art business.

Countless hours of Chris and the kiddos playing music together. Those sweet sounds filling our home.

Creativity flourished here. Our kiddos spent so much time making art together, like balm to my artist soul.

We celebrated birthdays, and spent every moment that we could swimming in the backyard. 

Holidays were extra magical in this home—whimsy around every corner. I’ll cherish the photographs and memories of Christmases here, for the rest of my days.

I think what I hold dearest about this home, is the little years of our children’s childhoods. Adelaide was at that sweet stage between babyhood and toddlerhood when we moved here. A crib in her room. Still in many ways a baby attached to my hip.

This new home will be a new stage of their childhood. One that I will equally cherish, but the letting go — oh, the letting go can feel so raw.

Each of you have been along for this journey with us. Cheering us on as we tore down walls, created cozy bedrooms, and decorated our holiday mantel each Christmas. 

You witnessed our stories unfolding, and you supported our family each step of the way. You are very much part of our story. Thank you for being here. We are excited to bring you along with us for this next chapter.

Goodbye, home. We hope that we can take all that we gained here, and bring it to our next home.


April 5, 2021


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