We are moving.

What is next….

I need to take a look back to tell this whole story the right way. 🥺 Many of you have followed me since we sold everything we owned and moved in with family years ago. It’s been an adventure & we have come so far. I sat on the edge of my bed in a small one bedroom and thought, okay God what is next? We sit here with open hands and will go where you say to go.
Over the next 6 years, we put our heads down and worked harder than any words could say. Little sleep, hard work and a hustle that lit a fire by the struggle. We moved into our first rental as we went down our list of goals. Debt free, save for a home.
This first step was the precious home we brought Adelaide home from the hospital in, the home we did Weekends with the Wiegands in and the home that our story started to shift.
The halls held memories and hope and change for us. We made decision after decision that might not make sense to others but held tight to the plan. We knew the big picture plan of where we were going and just kept running towards it.

Then 3 and half years ago we found the home we live in now. A dream. Across the street from my childhood home where my parents live now. We signed an agreement and trusted the words spoken over us for the next 3 years. This part is complicated to tell the entire story without telling much but we wouldn’t have signed another lease if we hadn’t believed it was truly ours. Chris and I poured our heart and soul into this home. A beautiful love story. His hands are in the walls and the floors from every nail hit and every wall moved. Trust proved with every leaked fixed ourselves that we believed this home was ours. You can see it in every board put down and every project. You guys have been here for the ride.

From building a dream playhouse, the office surprise while I was out of town, to bringing Chris studio home, wallpaper projects, new bathrooms, a backyard transformation & more. As we have weekend after weekend hopped on our bikes and gone across the street for a day at MeeMee & Poppies, as I stand every day at this kitchen sink and look out the window with gratitude. You have walked this with us. This home, it holds our hearts. 

so part two is….. Our home was sold  to a builder. The week of Christmas break, everything happened in a whirlwind. Suddenly our home that we trusted and believed was ours was being sold. There are many details as to how this played out that are very long and complicated. I promise we had lots of people trying to help us! Yes there were many people involved, yes there are so many confusing details. Yes we had much much wise counsel also involved.
Yes we felt heartbroken, betrayed and hurt. This is tricky to tell this story to all of you who have been so precious and invested in our home projects.

Its just a home, I know this. Someone yesterday said in the comments that faith has room for grieving and it meant so much to my heart. Just the letting go of a dream you know?

Our home is our safe place and I just felt like….. where was the break? It was the hurt, it was the memories, the plan, the years of work and hustle and saving all working towards this moment.

Our sweet corner lot that we had no intention of tearing down, the home that I thought wed continue to renovate and live in and love now had builders bidding on it and one bought it. Just the thought of them driving past it while I was inside with my babies loving this home, made my heart hurt so bad.

Chris cried, I cried, the kids cried, my parents cried. How could this be.

I wanted to share so that you knew why we were leaving a home we love so much. We didn’t want to go 🥺. So part two is we are moving to a new home 😭💞✨.

We dont know where yet but you guys can come along side us now and watch the story unfold. My whole story has been God taking us down a path that I never would have expected and redeeming it, I believe this 🥺✨. So come with us on this next part of the adventure…. we are going to take a broken dream and make it into something beautiful!


February 3, 2021


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