A Guide to Meal Planning

A Guide to Meal Planning

I’m a big believer that intentionality and planning is the key to less stress. When I take the time to plan ahead, I can be more present in my life, and more at peace as a mama.
One thing that really helps our family is meal planning and prep. I do this at the beginning of the week, usually on Sundays. 

Some tips to make planning a breeze: 

+ Grab your favorite beverage, your calendar, some cookbooks or open up Pinterest!
+ Use this helpful list and start filling in day to day.
+ Focus on what activities your family has that week, keep simple recipes for busier days! Prep anything ahead that you can.
+ Take those meals and break them apart into a grocery list! To take things next level, categorize each item based on where you might find it in the grocery store.

It takes planning, but truly you’ll be thanking yourself all week long for the preparation! 

Sit down with a cup of coffee, your calendar, + cookbook and make your week + grocery store trip so much easier. I like to sit down on Sunday & plan our week. I look at what activities my children have for each day to help me decide if it needs to be a crockpot dinner or I will have time to cook. Making a very specific grocery list also prevents me from buying things that we don’t need which equals saving money!!!

I also try to group my grocery list into categories based on where things are located in my grocery store. This makes it so much easier to get everything on my list, & use my time wisely.

Meal Planning bundle found here! 

be sure and tag me and let me know how it goes! 


February 10, 2021


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