An Affirmation advent Board

An Affirmation advent Board

As we wind down from the holiday season, and put the decorations away until next year, I’m looking for ways to repurpose some of what I already have, and to fill some of those blank spaces!
This is such a fun way to use an advent calendar, to bring your affirmation cards to life in the new year! I find displaying affirmation cards is such a great way to keep them front and center in your mind!
This DIY could be used as an advent calendar during the holidays or just a pretty way to display your affirmation cards year round. (get my affirmation cards here!)

To make your own:

+ Grab wooden numbers at a craft store, leave them natural or paint them the color of your choice. Do this first so that they have time to dry.
+ Measure and cut string to fit the board you are using. The board I used required 5 pieces of string for the 31 days of January.
+ Glue string to the back of the board (Make sure string is tight, so that when you hang cards, they won’t hang too low.)
+ Cut paper bags, decorative paper, + string in different shapes for each day of the month. Pick your favorite Casey Leigh Affirmation Cards & use laundry clips to hang on strings.
+ Hang lemon garland above the advent calendar to start the New Year with a “fresh start!”

A beautiful way to have meaningful intentions fill your home.


January 11, 2021


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