Daily Affirmations for Women.

Daily Affirmations

Being more mindful is something that is always a goal of mine. I’m forever looking for ways that I can take a moment to center myself, be intentional, and live in a space of gratitude.

Affirmations are one way that I like to make this practice a habit.

Here are a few ways to build daily affirmations into your daily life:

+ Pull a card every morning. This is a simple yet impactful ritual. Let this be a moment to start your day where you take a few long deep breaths, read these words over yourself and reflect on how you’d like to incorporate this affirmation into your day.

+ Display affirmations in your home. Is there something that you really want to be more intentional about? Is there an area of growth or encouragement that you need daily reminders on? Choose the cards that speak most to you and frame them, stick them on a mirror, on the fridge or tuck one into your purse or pocket to carry with you.

+ Read a card to a loved one daily. Whether you read something encouraging over your children before bed, to your partner, or maybe send a photo of an encouraging card in a text to a loved one. Sharing this mindfulness is a gift not only to those we love, but also to ourselves.

I’m grateful for these reminders that there is so much around us to be mindful of, and that we can find beauty in the simplest moments.

Each one of these cards with my art, my words and a piece of my heart written out.

These cards I hope will be a gift to help motivate, encourage, calm, love and lift your spirit. I hope they speak life over you and those that you love. 



December 3, 2020


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