3 Steps :Stop Talking yourself out of a Dream

Run after That Dream

3 steps to not talking yourself out of running after a dream
Pursuing the dreams that are on our heart can sometimes feel overwhelming. We might have the vision for where we want to be, or what we want to create and yet doubts can creep in and life can get in the way, if we let it.
I want to be an encouragement to fellow women, to dreamers who believe that there is something more for them.

Here are three ways to keep pursuing your dreams:

+ Don’t let doubt win. It’s going to happen, that moment where you question yourself or how worthy you may be of your dreams. Don’t beat yourself up for having the doubt. Notice it, feel it, identify it and then call if for what it is: a lie. Tell yourself that you can rise above the doubts that fill your mind. Tell yourself something true, that pushes back against the doubt. Also remember just because its not that season, doesn’t mean its not coming. 

+ Fall forward. If the person that you admire for living a life that you dream of would have thrown in the towel after their first failure, they never would have reached their goals. I can so clearly see how each failure has lead me here. Keep going, learn from your mistakes.

+ Be willful in speaking belief over yourself (and others). Intentionally set aside time to put on some favorite music, read quotes that inspire you, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I believe in you. You’ve got this. The work and time that you are putting in matters.” It starts at home, and belief and gratitude is a practice. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come easy to you at first, just keep speaking that belief.

Believing in yourself is the most important piece of this all. You are worthy of your biggest scariest dreams! Don’t give up on what lights your heart up.


November 7, 2020


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