Creating an Adorable Room for a Little Boy

Creating an Adorable Room for a Little Boy

There is no shortage of photos of beautifully imaginative and whimsical girls rooms floating around. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love decorating my girls’ rooms! But lets today chat about our boys! I’ve gotten lots of questions on our son, Aiden’s room, and thought that I would share more on that here!

A few tips for decorating a space for a boy, that feels special and unique to them:

+ Incorporate their interests. Aiden loves reptiles, so his room is filled to the brim. We’ve also got lots of Godzillas in his space. For your son, it could be outer space or adventure or music or art, anything that sets their hearts on fire… Bring things into their space that speak to them.
+ Don’t worry too much about a theme! Incorporate what they love, but know that you can make their rooms eclectic with a collected feel.
+ Wallpaper, throw pillows, cozy blankets, curtains etc. are not just for girls! Think outside of the typical boy room box. There are so many beautiful patterns and textiles that would fit perfectly with a boy room.
+ Don’t shy away from dark and moody color palettes. I think it’s really fun to add black, charcoal gray, navy blue or dark green into a boy space.
+ Let them help pick things out! You’d be surprised what a bonding experience this can be, and how much your kiddos will feel seen and heard. Let them in on a few key decisions, it really helps your child to feel ownership over their space.

Most important, have fun and enjoy the process! It’s such a short window of time that we are able to decorate these special spaces for our little ones!


October 30, 2020


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