New Art in the Works

New Art In The Works

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Chris and I have both always been dreamers, I think in many ways it’s what brought us together.

Throughout our lives we’ve embraced taking risks, we’ve taken leaps before we felt ready, we’ve had successes, failures, and so much life and learning in between.

We’ve had many ventures, from opening an art studio and teaching classes in our community, to hosting a faith based women’s conference, to Chris’s filmmaking career, our Young Living business that I feel so passionate about and now this new leap! 

Often we see the highlight reel, but there have been bumps in the road, closed doors and what felt like failures involved along the way. I’m a big believer that if we learn from the hard parts, and we allow those setbacks to teach us and shape us, we actually haven’t failed at all.

Each hard moment, every piece that didn’t quite go as planned, it all lead us here, to a business that sets my soul on fire. To a team that I feel so blessed to lead. To an opportunity that has truly changed our lives.

I have such a heart for other dreamers and entrepreneurs that work each day to pursue a vision that others may not fully see. 

Those hours and hours unseen. The falls, the sacrifice.

Keep moving, keep dreaming, keep pursuing what lights you up. You are worth the work that it takes to make your why a reality.



September 24, 2020


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