Apple Cider Treat Idea

apple cider dessertsApple Cider Desserts

Fall is here, and with it I say bring on all of the autumn treats! I love celebrating this season. I know so many of you agree with me, that this time of year has a special kind of magic, and we find ourselves wishing that time would slow down, so that we can soak it all up.

There’s something about fall that brings back all of that fun childhood nostalgia. It feels like the beginning of school, cozy weekends at home, apple picking, pumpkin patches, spooky movies, sports practices, bonfires — so many dear memories. Getting to be the mama now, and witnessing my children experience these moments is so special.

I don’t think that I realized how much of my own childhood I would relive, through raising kids. Getting to watch everything through their eyes is magical. It’s also so special to see the range of experiences our kids have now, since they are 5 all the way to 12.5. From Aiden playing football to having Adelaide still home with me, so excited for Halloween and picking out her costume, it’s such a gift to be in each of these seasons of life with them!

As we settle into our new home, I want to keep our traditions alive, and only grow them! I got some fall decor out this weekend, and it feels so much more like us in here. It’s been tricky balancing a renovation with the type of way that I usually like to make our home feel for each season. But we know that this is only a moment in time, and it is so worth it for the home that we are creating!

In this season of transition, everything might not be perfectly put together, but this is a reminder to still slow down and enjoy those seasons, wherever you are at in life. Time passes whether we are ready or not, and it’s intentionally slowing down to truly be in the moment, that makes all the difference for us.

I am so glad that we added some festive touches to the house, and I know it means a lot to the kids too!

While we still wait on our kitchen to be completed, I’m nostalgic looking back on some of the fun treats we’ve made in years past. This was one of my favorites, and something that we won’t need a completely finished kitchen to make because it’s so simple! Who doesn’t love apple cider desserts!?

I love how simple and festive these apple cider filled apples are, the perfect apple cider desserts treats!

apple cider dessertsapple cider dessert recipeApple Cider Dessert Recipes

What you’ll need:
apples, apple cider, cute straws, cinnamon sticks, a pairing knife

How to:
+ On a flat surface, use a knife to hollow out/ core your apple, while leaving the bottom of the apple intact. Be careful!
+ Fill each apple with your favorite cider.
+ Add a straw and a cinnamon stick to each apple.
+ Serve up on a festive fall tray, garnish with gourds or fall leaves!
check out the video here!

apple cider desserts

apple cider desserts


September 15, 2020


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