Essential Oils Routines for Kiddos

Brhea Koneman is a photographer and aspiring writer, living in North Carolina with her husband and 4-year-old son. She’s passionate about food, design, creative projects and natural living!

Essential oils have been a true game changer for our family. One of the areas that I am most grateful for is the gift as a mother of using oils and natural products with my son.

I reach for essential oils countless times throughout the day, and I can’t imagine not having them as a tool for supporting our family.

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First thing’s first, let’s talk about diffusing. This is a gentle way for kids to experience oils. We absolutely love Young Living’s Feather the Owl diffuser. It’s super cute and is a true multitasker. It’s a night light, sound machine and diffuser all in one!

Diffuser blends that we LOVE for bedtime:

Sweet Dreams

+ Stress Away

+ Orange

+ Ylang Ylang


+ Seedlings Calm

+ Lime

+ Lavender

Golden Slumber

+ Gentle Baby

+ Jade Lemon

Pro tip: always keep a carafe or pitcher with water nearby to fill your diffusers more easily.

Next, let’s chat about applying oils topically… I love sticking roller tops right onto the essential oils that I roll onto my son most frequently. Sleepyize and Peace & Calming are two favorites for bedtime. We also love Young Living’s premade roll ons in Stress Away and Rutavala!

Another product that we cannot live without is Kidscents Unwind. Naturally derived magnesium, lavender and chamomile – a perfect combination for supporting my kiddo with sleep and an overall calm mood. Added bonus, they taste like watermelon, so your kids will think they are having a treat!

I can’t mention Young Living product’s for kids without talking about Seedlings! They have an entire product line for babies: baby wipes, linen spray, baby oil, shampoo, lotion etc. but I think our all time favorite is the diaper rash cream!

Switching a nursery or kid’s bedroom over to non toxic and naturally supportive products does not need to be overwhelming! We’ve fallen in love with the way that these oils fit into our routine!

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August 5, 2020


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