The Mom- Work Juggle

The Mom- Work Juggle

I’m sharing more here on work/life balance and what it looks like to build a business from home! This is such a huge part of who I am, and my life, that I want to give you a peek inside whenever I can!

Let’s chat about what it looks like to juggle working from home with kiddos!

1. I am always intentional about fitting in a lot of work into shorter spurts of time. A power hour is when I will have a list of tasks planned out, I’ll turn off all distractions and focus in on those tasks for a full hour. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you hone in on the priorities that need to be completed! And having that list of what to do ahead of time! 

2. I have a work flow that keeps things organized. A few of the tools that I use are Airtable, slack, trello, photoshop, project broadcast and more! You may be surprised what is out there, already created, that could help to streamline your process! I use slack for communication, airtable for planning, trello for brain dumps and photoshop for editing! 

3. Brain dump! This is huge for me. I’ll take all of those thoughts and things that need to be completed and just write them out in a list format at the beginning and end of each day. This helps me so much during my power hour, because I can pull from that list and get to work! Also I get so many ideas in my mind all the time, doing a brain dump really helps me clear my mind and focus on one! 

 I feel so incredibly thankful to be able to be home and follow my passions all at once!




July 2, 2020


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