The Letting Go

The Letting Go…

Can I let you guys in on something? For awhile it made me nervous…. the shift from moving out of the stage of being a young mama with a bunch of tiny babies, a baby on my hip. I had been in it for so long so it felt “uneasy” for my heart as the shift began to move. ⁣

My oldest is gonna be in 6th grade 🥺 and my baby is now three (almost 4) and I wanted to say…. in case you see that next season on the horizon too and maybe have that same feeling. It’s beautiful here. ⁣Those sweet baby years are everything to my heart, but I had nothing to be uneasy about!

Of course I have those moments, those last baby aches and those heart string pulls when I realize that a season has gone and I didn’t fully say goodbye to it. But here! Here is the sweetest season of big kid conversations and dreaming together and me chasing new dreams of my own that I didn’t have space for before. ⁣

It’s a sweet season here, so if you are in the same spot let me encourage you- my heart is grateful 💖.

How many of you have been following me since Aiden was a tiny babe? Man I realized when I shared this week about the pain of leaving that identity behind of being a mama with babies, there is a lot of pain there for so many. I realized that many of you had babies in the season that I did and that together we are walking into this next one. ⁣

Gosh in the sharing, there was healing. One of you said in a message “I will give you a new song.” and it made me cry. ⁣

Look at these faces above. The nights spent rocking and laying by the crib are being slowly traded for a new song. ⁣

⁣They say you have 17 summers. 17 summers of family movie nights, long bike rides, twinkle light tents and summer memories. I obviously know we have more than that. BUT, 17 with us all under one roof. With endless time together. ⁣⁣
Daily I can see myself trading them in. The moments. The late night lullabies now for afternoon cooking sessions. Conversations that feel stretching. But man there is beauty here. The truth is, it was going to be painful whether it was the last baby now or 5 years from now so here I am to share about it so that you guys know you aren’t alone.

Here, here an ocean of mamas walking that same story. I see you.


July 5, 2020


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