Making DIY Essential Oil Rollers

Making DIY Essential Oil Rollers

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Making rollers is a simple, cost effective and convenient way to use essential oils. You don’t have to be a DIY type of person to make rollers of your own, the process is easy and makes taking your oils on the go a no-brainer!

Admittedly, I’m a lover of pretty things, so the wide variety of gorgeous rollers available drew me into wanting to make some for myself! You can search Etsy or small shops that make essential oil accessories, to find some of your own.

(several of these bottles were gifts, so I don’t have a source, but the gold top clear rollers are from Whimsy + Wellness and the gorgeous roller necklace is from Roadkill Gems!)

What you’ll need:

The carrier oil of your choice (I prefer Young Living’s V-6 or organic fractionated coconut oil)

Glass roller bottles

Young Living Essential oils

Optional: add ins like dried flower petals or crystals

Why carrier oil?

Carrier oil allows you to dilute essential oils that may be more potent (especially for kiddos), it stretches out your essential oils and allows them to last longer, it covers a greater surface area of your skin and prolongs absorption

I’m here to share a few of my absolute favorite roller blends! The number of drops that you choose to use is up to you, if you’d like to dilute more feel free! Each recipe shared is for a 10ml roller bottle.

(*Important safety note: Do not apply citrus or other photosensitive oils to your skin if you plan to spend time in direct sunlight)

| s w e e t   s l e e p |

+ 15 drops lavender essential oil

+ 10 drops cedarwood essential oil

+ 10 drops orange essential oil

+ 5 drops roman chamomile essential oil

+ Top with carrier oil

+ Adding dried lavender into this one would be beautiful!

| b e b r a v e |

+ 15 drops valor essential oil

+ 15 drops sacred mountain essential oil

+ 10 drops bergamot essential oil

| t e n s i o n  s u p p o r t |

+ 15 drops panaway

+ 15 drops peppermint

+ 15 drops copaiba

(I love this one for tired muscles and support with head tension)

| m o r n i n g l i g h t |

+ 15 drops grapefruit

+ 15 drops tangerine

+ 6 drops joy

+ 1 drop spearmint

| m e l l o w |

+ 15 drops peace & calming

+ 10 drops stress away

+ 5 drops orange

| w e l l |

+ 20 drops thieves

+ 10 drops frankincense

+ 5 drops oregano

(I use this for immune support)

| p e r f u m e |

+ 20 drops envision

+ 10 drops bergamot

+ 5 drops grapefruit

+ 2 drops northern lights black spruce

(I wear this one as a natural perfume!)

I hope that you enjoy making rollers of your own! Remember, as a rule of thumb I like to say start slow, dilute when necessary and feel free to adjust the drops according to what works best for you!

Check out CASEY’S OIL PAGE HERE to learn more!



June 27, 2020


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