Diffusing, Why We Love it

Diffusing Essential Oils, Why We Loveeee

Diffusing to incorporate that into creating a cozy home has been such a great switch for our family. I love that we can combine different oils that support our health and emotions, all while enveloping us in beautiful scents that can transform our whole environment!

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Diffusing is my favorite method to experience essential oils! I have diffusers throughout our home, and find so much joy in the ritual of picking which oils I’d like to use, and dropping them into each diffuser to start my day.

For me, kicking synthetic fragranced candles was a big part of changing our home over to non-toxic. I’ll admit it, I was a candle addict… But honestly, with the beautiful diffusers that are available now, many of them with a candle flicker or glow setting, I soon realized that I wouldn’t miss my beloved candles!

A few tips that will help you to get the most out of your diffusing experience:

+ Keep a carafe of water handy! This makes things SO convenient! I simply fill this up at the sink and walk it to each of my diffusers, super simple!

+ Leave the oils that you love to diffuse most out and nearby your diffusers. For example, I keep sleep support oils on my nightstand right next to my diffuser, bright citrus blends in our kitchen and relaxing oils in our living room.

+ Clean your diffusers! This will prolong their life. Several times a week I will rinse them out with water and wipe them down with a damp cloth. For a deeper clean I follow the instructions included with the diffuser, and will use some rubbing alcohol to clean the basin, and a q-tip to very gently wipe the sensor.

+ Dress up your diffusers. That may sound silly, but I truly love to style my diffuser areas, using things like pretty trays, a cake stand, a vase with florals, etc. I love making vignettes surrounding my favorite diffusers – they become décor pieces in our home!

+ Another tip, if you still miss your candles – I have battery operated flickering candles throughout our house to keep the ambiance without the synthetic chemicals)

The best part of all, is that we can experience the aromatherapy benefits of our oils simply by diffusing them in our space. I recommend starting small, and diffusing in an open area to begin with. Take your time and learn more about what you like, and how you feel while you’re diffusing.

I find so much comfort in walking into our home, and smelling my favorite blends in the air – I feel an instant calm wash over me!

For more info on essential oils, check out Casey’s wellness site here

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March 3, 2020


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