5 Great Art Products for Kids

5 Products You will want to do Art with Kids

As a former art teacher, I’ve found that creating art with my kids is some of my most treasured time with them! I absolutely love to see their little minds and hearts expressing themselves. There’s nothing like fostering creativity from a young age!

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Amazon finds, to make creating art with your kiddos simple, fun and impactful!

Table Easels:
I love these here ! We use them to prop up whatever they may be working on, these are perfect for holding small canvases.

Temper Cakes Paint:
This is my FAVORITE paint to use with kiddos!!! Link here! 

Paint Brushes & Water Cups:
Simple enough, right? I keep these on hand and on our art table at all times, ready to go for their little masterpieces!

Paper/ Butcher Paper Roll:
What could be more simple than rolling this out? We never run out of paper when we have these on hand!

Oil Pastels:
This is such a fun medium for my kids to use. I love the freedom that these give them to create beautiful artwork!

A tip is to let them draw first with these and then paint with watercolor over the drawing! Super fun! ( link here)

My saying when I used to teach was that its not about the product, its the process! Let’s get creative with our kiddos! I try and keep a creative space open ( even back when it was a small table in the corner) with paper and markers, etc out at all times! It helps so much foster that creative time!


March 8, 2020


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