Arizona Trip Recap

Arizona recap…

I’m just returning home from a life-changing trip to Arizona! I was lucky enough to attend Suzy School….she picked a handful ladies out of 800 who applied!!!! An immersive retreat put on by my friend, someone that I deeply admire, Suzy Holman. Being at Suzy School by far and away exceeded my every expectation. I’m still unpacking all that I learned there, the ways in which my heart grew and changed.

It was such a PERSONAL experience tailored so uniquely to each one of us!

The goal of Suzy School is to help us get a better grasp on our businesses. Its a personal experience truly catered to YOU! To see, with clarity, the holes that we might be missing, the opportunities for growth, the areas that we could be stretching ourselves more in. To have our eyes OPENED in new ways. 

We met with various business coaches on how we could authentically show up for ourselves and the people that we serve. We made deep connections with one another, and dove far below the surface. Suzy was encouraging, her advice and support was life-giving, affirming and just the push that I needed.

I left for Suzy School feeling reluctant, afraid — but hopeful. I have such a hard time leaving my kiddos, it’s something that I have always struggled with. This push and pull between wanting to chase my dreams, but yearning to be present for all of the important mama moments. Man that struggle has such tension but when I KNOW I meant to be somewhere, I go. And when I look at those babies faces- they are worth fighting for more!

Somewhere along the way, I knew that I could do both…. and do both well.

 I can be both present for my children, and pursue my dreams. In my heart I know that they are watching. They are learning possibly one of the greatest lessons that I could ever teach them:

That our dreams are worth the sacrifice. That we are braver than we think, and we were created to do hard things. That the greatest opportunity for growth comes in the moments of uncomfortable stretching.

I came home with my head spinning from so many takeaways of this experience. Above all, I have a passion burning within me to dive deeper with you all – to show the parts of me that I may have been unintentionally hiding.

I want to feel deep and meaningful connection and community here. I hope to share more on this experience, and more of myself both here and on social media. This is only the beginning!


February 26, 2020


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