New Year, New goals.

It’s that time of year again!  And as you know, I love being intentional and especially as we head into a fresh new year!  For several years now I’ve been choosing a “word for the year”, and I can’t tell you the huge impact this has made as I walk out the year, seeing God’s hand in it, and setting intentions that line up with that word. I want to encourage you today to try it for 2020. 

While a New Year’s Resolution can seem like a ridged rule you attempt to follow, a Word of the Year is an always-there, gentle reminder toward the change you want and the dreams in your heart.  It’s positive and heart felt and much easier to connect to every part of your life.

Often we are longing for positive changes, but we don’t really have anything that helps point us in that direction, something that keeps us on course and in the right direction.  You get to determine how you want your year to flow in so many ways, and having a Word to think about and weigh things against is sooo helpful!

If can be just one word, a phrase or group of words, or a theme – whatever you feel lands on your heart just right!

Tips: How to pick that Word for the Year.

Write down one to five words that really resonate with how you want your year to feel and flow.  You may just brain dump a lot of thoughts and then start merging some together and narrowing those down.  You’ll probably find that as you write things, there’s a common theme there that’s pretty easy to merge and narrow down.

Then, once you have that word or phrase, write it down….everywhere.  Write it on pretty notecards, paper, set as your phone screensaver, in your car, on your bathroom mirror, in your planner.  Make sure you see it everywhere everyday!

My word for 2019 opened something within me and had such an impact and continually steered my decisions and thought process.  When making big decisions, when working through a tough day, when dreaming and letting my mind wander, and when being creative. I always had my word at the forefront of my mind and I truly believe that it kept thoughts directed toward the positive in times when I could have leaned toward negativity and grumbling.  Such a huge blessing for me AND my family!

I would love to know what word you pick and how it came to you!  Share it over on my instagram in the comments so we can encourage each other and be inspired by this sweet community!  Happy New Year, friends!


January 4, 2020


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