Lets Run.

I have a heart for dreamers, for empowering women to pursue their purpose.  I often wake up and go to sleep thinking about the massive wave that would take place if everyone was walking confidently in their purpose!

Can you imagine what this would look like?  Thousands and millions of women, letting their hearts be awakened to dreams and visions that had been shoved down so deep that they didn’t even realize they were there anymore.  I know that so many have let disappointments, unmet expectations, and the feeling of being held back throw a blanket over a flame that was so close to spreading like wildfire and changing everything. 

But I can see what the other side of this looks like.  What it looks and feels like when our purpose reignites inside our hearts.  When the last little hot coal is found and someone gets down and fans that coal…and it starts turning white again, getting hotter and hotter until…..the flame is there.

I so deeply want to fan the hot coals back to life and for you to remember who you are, and to empower you to start taking those steps again into your purpose.

It is more than ok to dream….it is soooo good to allow yourself to dream again.  Or to let yourself dream for the first time. No matter where you are in life, you were put here with a beautiful purpose in mind.  God saw fit to create you out of dust, to form you perfectly as He does, and to put dreams and purpose in you. You aren’t here purposeless, wandering, and lost. 

There is a direction for you that is divine and beautiful and FULL of life!

I hope you know it, and if you don’t, I hope you will let me take your hand and encourage you. 

I want to see it….what it looks like when the masses awake to purpose and stand up…make waves…impact.  It’s going to be HUGE!


January 21, 2020


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