Hawaii Recap.


Hawaii Dreams ….

For almost 11 years I have said no to most trips. For the past almost 6 years I have qualified for every single contest trip from my company (even landed first place once and landed in the top 5 for this one ) and this is the very first contest trip we said yes to. ⁣🙌❤️

It wasn’t our season. ⁣
Between 4 little ones and where my heart was, it just wasn’t my time. ⁣

We turned down cruises and beautiful all expense trips and traded them for late night feedings and rockings. Man there is beauty there. I’m talking soul work pouring into the most precious beautiful souls and my greatest gifts. ⁣

Mamas if it isn’t your season now, it doesn’t mean the time won’t come. It’s still not easy for me to leave them, it never will be. But as they have grown my heart has also learned the importance of leaning into the season I’m in. And right now, right now I know that God wants me to say to Him “ I trust you. With them, with us.” 4 trips this Spring and I know there is huge purpose in each of them. ⁣

With my babies….. Each night when I pray for them, I say “Please God….. please fill those spaces in them that I missed today.” ⁣
Grace upon grace. ⁣

I read recently when us mamas try and control every little thing our foundation is built on toothpicks. So as a struggling “I’ll never leave and I’ll never let you go mama,” I open up my clench and I fall backwards open handed and say- you’ve got them. ⁣

We boarded a couple of planes, flew across the ocean, and landed in the most gorgeous paradise, filled with waterfalls and rainbows, the sea air, the bluest sky. Our friends were there, too… dear, sweet friends that were also given this amazing gift.

We saw so many beautiful things! Gorgeous fruit stands, waterfalls, lava rocks and beauty at every turn.

We went off roading to a green sand beach, a black sand beach and got caught in the pouring rain at Rainbow falls- all magic!

The salt and sand in our toes, the waves at our feet. Driving down dirt roads, chasing the sun. Chris nudged me toward adventure, and it filled me up in ways I didn’t know it would!!

So many bucket list items that I didn’t even know that I had!


I missed my babies, it’s always hard to say goodbye to them, no matter how short my time away may be. But oh my, what beauty we were surrounded by! What beautiful friends and salty sea air and moments of rest. It was beyond my wildest imaginings, and my heart is ever grateful.


January 22, 2020


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