Habits to get Unstuck

Habits to Get Unstuck

 It’s easy for any of us, no matter what stage of our businesses we are in, to feel like we are stuck in a rut from time to time! That’s why it’s really helpful to have a list of go-to things to build into your routine that will keep you moving in the right direction! Here is a quick little list to help! 

Here are a few habits that always help, when we need to put a little pep back into our step!

+ Set alarms on your phone

Not just for wakeup, though that can be really important when you’re trying to find extra time to fit in work – but have you tried setting alarms throughout the day for your most important tasks that you don’t want to forget? Try setting alarms for everything from taking supplements, taking a pause for gratitude, to scheduling in times to connect with others or any daily task for your business that you don’t want to forget!

+ Plan your week ahead of time

Friday afternoons or Sunday nights are the perfect time to take stock in what you’d like to accomplish the following week! Try to get a solid to-do list going, and a game plan or outline for each day. Taking an hour of intentional time to plan out your week ahead can be HUGE for taking the stress and pressure off!

+ Healthy habits
This might sound like a no-brainer, but really – what are you doing to fuel YOU? Adding in 30 minutes in the morning to move your body, getting a full 8 hours of sleep, fueling up with a fresh juice or smoothie, upping your water intake, meal planning ahead of time etc. Many of these habits take preparation, but honestly when you feel your best, anything feels possible!

+ Set goals that are tangible

Goal setting is huge! Even if each goal is a small step in the right direction, write it down! Give yourself something to look forward to accomplishing. Celebrate and reward yourself when you meet your goals!

+ Set the tone/ get in a good headspace

This can make all of the difference! Fill your diffuser up with an uplifting blend (I love Joy + Citrus Fresh!), put on your favorite playlist, dance around a bit, speak out loud what you are grateful for, take a few deep breaths and roll on some Stress Away + Valor. You may feel silly when you’re dancing around, but I promise you, you’ll be in a better mood than when you started!

+ Keep the promises that you make for yourself

SO big! If we can’t trust ourselves, who can we trust? However big or small your goals for the week might be, do your best to stay on track! The sooner that you can keep the promises that you make to yourself, the sooner you’ll feel confident to dream even bigger!

I want to hear from each of you!! What has helped you get out of a rut? What makes you feel your best? Tell us in the comments!!!


January 26, 2020


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