Choose a Word for the Year.

A new year is such a beautiful thing.

We have a fresh start, a clean slate, so much beauty and potential open to us as we have brand new beginning ahead of us.

I believe with my whole heart that we should be intentional with all that we do. A new year is such a clear picture of possibility. What will it look like? What will I set my mind and my heart to? Where will I invest myself? There are a few ways that I map this out for myself at the beginning of each year, and I wanted to share those with you and encourage you to set some time aside to really think through what you want your year to look like. Whether it’s in big or small ways, setting our intentions can make such a difference in our hearts and minds as we enter into something new.

+ Write it down. Grab a journal and your favorite pen. Whether you make a list of all that you hope to accomplish in the coming year, or you let all your thoughts spill out onto the page, the act of putting pen to paper solidifies things in our hearts and minds. It makes them easier to remember and draw to the surface when we get off course. Your writing doesn’t have to have any rhyme or reason, or it can be totally structured – it’s up to you. Let your heart and mind come together on paper as you dream and plan.

+ Think of a word that will set the tone for your year. It’s such a simple thing, but having a word at the front of your mind that you hope will define your year will actually help you steer your life and thoughts in that direction. Words like “intentional”, “present”, “peaceful”, and “acceptance” don’t tie us down, they create a mindset that helps us navigate whatever comes our way through that lens.

+ Create a vision board. Whether it’s something small, or something that covers and entire wall, have fun with this! What are you dreaming of this year? What do you want it to look like? Who is in it with you? Having a visual of your goals and your intentions can serve as a constant reminder, it can bring you back when you get off course, it can help you push harder and motivate you to keep going after the things that matter to you.

+ Tell someone. Your best friend, your spouse, your sister. Ask them what their intentions are for the year. Dream together. Share with one another and help each other to remember all that was in your heart and your mind when the year was brand new.

Whether you do one thing from the list, or all of them, take some time to be intentional as you start fresh.

What will this year look like?


January 1, 2020


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