Miscarriage & MTHFR

Miscarriage & MTHFR gene mutation

Last week on Instagram when I asked about impact, I was blown away by the amount of you who commented or messaged me saying you heard my story about miscarriage and MTHFR (it’s an actual gene mutation not me trying to slip in a bad word 👀). So many sweet little love babies born after multiple miscarriages and hearing our story. ⁣

In case someone needs to hear this today. Many docs will dismiss MTHFR. Get tested. ⁣
For me after 4 D&Cs and years of heartache, I found out that I have a double mutation. Methylfolate, Baby aspirin, Progesterone & Folate were my missing pieces. ⁣Not to mention a whole journey of hormone support I had been missing. ⁣
I said I wouldn’t get pregnant again without answers and when my blood work came back completely “normal”- I knew in my heart there was more to the story. And there was. And this baby cakes was waiting for me on the other side of this fight to get to her. Wow was it worth it. Not only for her but for each of you who tell me your story of redemption after me sharing mine. Tag anyone you think might need to read this today over on THIS POST and if you have a story about MTHFR please share there- hope we can bring the stories to the light 😭🙌. Read the comments and take heart….I hope this gives you hope.

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November 11, 2019


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