my Little Pumpkin.

The ache of the last baby, I don’t think it ever really goes away. It fades here and there, but it seems like it can resurface out of nowhere without warning.

My sweet Adelaide.

It’s been bittersweet to edge further and further away from those baby days. Trying to soak it all up, remember every detail, cherishing each moment that comes along, big and small. The touch of her little fingers, her eyes exploring all that’s new, quietly absorbing it. Taking in the wonder of her, this sweet little girl.

Her little face and blonde curls that remind me of all the hope we had for another, and here she is.

There is beauty in the new seasons to come.

New experiences, new opportunities for joyful discovery and big milestones. Tiny moments that embed in our hearts as we build up a life together as a family, and mama and these sweet littles. My heart aches to see the changes and let go of what is behind us, but it rejoices, too. Hope and light and love filling up my heart as I watch them grow and spread their wings and grow. I’m grateful for all of it. The loss of what was and the joy of what’s to come, wrapped up in the sweet perfection of who they are.

I can FEEL the new season, the steps farther and farther away from the baby season and stepping into a new. 

Its bittersweet in many ways. I can feel my big kids growing and changing, which we WANT! But 

still that memory of the season we are leaving so heavy on my heart. 

braids via 
photos via beckley co


October 30, 2019


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