Love is…

I was scrolling this morning thinking, wow life is beautiful. Isn’t it beautiful to see snippets of such beauty at every turn? It ignites something inside of me.

I had a thought this week I wanted to share on mom guilt. How often does it creep in as we take time unpacking or cleaning or doing so many of those mundane tasks around our homes. The whispers. And I realized as I thought through it…. sometimes love IS laundry. Sometimes it’s cleaning out the closet or unloading that dishwasher.

It’s those quiet moments of love that we ARE serving our families and those whispers that say it isn’t are wrong.

Beauty is in intention- playing with our little loves and engaging in conversations.  But it also can be in those sweet moments of serve behind closed doors.

Finding that beautiful balance is the dance right? Let’s own it and speak truth to our hearts mamas 🙌✨

Sometimes love IS laundry, cleaning, and chasing dreams and all the things that mom guilt tells us is taking away from our babies.  It is actually a gift to them, that they have the honor of being by our side as we accept challenges, problem solve, and make the impossible possible.  Oh the life lessons and strength they are gaining by watching mama thrive and soar! Mama, YOU are capable of more than you know, and those babies that you treasure so much are blessed by every measure of love that you pour out for yourself, your home AND your dreams!

photos via beckley co


October 16, 2019


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