Leaf Cut Apple Pie


via Kathleen Campbell 

2 boxes of refrigerated Pillsbury Pie Dough

2 TBSP Sanding Sugar or Large Sugar Crystals

4 Cans of Apple Comstock (Various brands including Lucky Leaf)

1 Egg

Use a deep nine inch pie plate. Take two pie crusts rolled up in the package, and put them one on top of the other, and roll them out to a much larger circle. Lay that lightly over your rolling pin and unroll it very loosely onto your pie plate, overlapping the edges. Smooth out the sides and bottom. Cut off the extra edges with scissors. Smooth the raw edges. Fill with your pie filling or store bought Comstock of any flavor. It usually takes 3-4 cans and I like to use more than one brand for a variance of colors and flavors.

Lucky Leaf is the best but I want it to come across as from scratch so a variety of brands gives a variety of apple colors and tastes in the final pie. Then take a third pie crust dough. Cut out long strips to weave across the top and cut the leaves with leaf plungers purchased on Amazon  and weave the pie lattice. Use just a little water between the strip and the pie edge to attach. Brush the top of the lattice strips with a whipped egg. Lay out the way you want the pie leaves to be arranged, then attach them to each other, and the outer edge, with a little water. Brush the whipped egg yolk over them, to make them turn golden. Sprinkle sugar over the top or use large decorative sugar. When baking, bake at about 400 degrees. For approximately 35-45 minutes, curl foil around the leaf edge so it won’t over brown.

Then use your own judgement for removing the foil the last 5-10 minutes.


October 25, 2019


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