Creating Routines for Yourself and Kids

We are in the swing of things with back to school around here, and for us that means, routines!! Do you love routines or do you prefer the freedom of summer? I like both but by the end of summer, I am completely ready to get back into a routine!! I’m Brianna and I’m excited to be sharing with you today on Casey’s blog about how our family gets into routines. You can find me over on instagram here.

Making A Plan

  1. I think it’s important to think about your current routine first, grab a notebook and outline what you currently do in a day. What works? What doesn’t? What could you improve? What could you outsource?
  2. Now that you have tracked everything that you do, it’s time to rearrange, reorganize, and see how you can streamline your day, what tasks you can remove, etc.
  3. Write out your ideal day, what time would you wake up? What would your day look like? I know every day can’t be a dream day, but without planning and thought, days can become chaotic very quickly!

Ideas for Smoother Routines

Here are just a few things we do to make our days go smoother!

  1. Batch days!! I like to plan for the week ahead on Sundays for example or focus on “admin” tasks on Mondays, like making appointments, paying bills, etc.
  2. Plan your kid’s outfits on Sunday – we like to pick all 5 days of clothes out on Sunday!! You can pair the outfit up on a hanger in the closet so mornings are a breeze, just grab and go!
  3. We do a power clean up before bedtime!! Turn on the music, set a timer for 15 minutes, and everyone helps! That way you stay on top of it throughout the week!
  4. We prepare backpacks the night before, homework is in the folders, shoes are by the door, the more preparation, the less room for frustration!

Weekends are special!!

We don’t put pressure on routines during the weekend (except Sunday night!) This expectation allows the kids (and you) to relax and take a small break from routine regularly.


September 5, 2019


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