Don’t Miss the Little Moments

I was cleaning up the kitchen and Apple was at the sink washing her hands. I noticed she was blowing bubbles 

with the soap on her hands and it was soo beautiful. The way the light poured in, the way she was looking at the bubbles with such care and wonder.

Her and I started laughing as she would do these surprised faces when the bubbles became huge.

In total I sat there probably close to 30 minutes laughing with her noticing the beauty in the light of the sun pouring in, the bubbles and the sweetness in her smile. 

I tend to move really fast & I have had to over & over again be intentional to slow down. 

Im grateful for the little moments I didn’t miss out on in motherhood because I was too busy to notice. 

I am thankful for slow afternoons, bubbles in the sink, a good playlist and laughter in my kitchen.

Often times we like to put the Father of the Bride playlist on in the afternoons and its just the sweetest tone that it sets.

Today try it. Try to take notice to those little moments….the way their hair falls near their eye, the way they nuzzle up by you

to read a new story or maybe its saying yes to something that surprises them.

Gratitude changes us…. so thankful to cherish those little moments.


August 30, 2019


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  1. Kayley Koch

    September 17th, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    How do you get your Thieves dish soap so bubbly?

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