Belief in your Heart.

We are newly home from family camp and I have a story about one of our three big kids. We took them cliff jumping and for a boat day and two of our kiddos jumped off the edge with absolutely zero hesitation. One of them though, this one stood there and you could see the hesitation in their eyes. The other two had jumped and as this one stood there, they looked up and yelled out into the water at me and Chris “ will you be proud of me?!” We yelled YES! ALWAYS proud of you!!! And this precious child leapt off the cliff into the water. Every single time I think about it it makes me cry. We have looked this child in the eyes hundreds of times telling them how proud we are. And not for leaping off cliffs or getting accolades but just because of who they are, their heart. But in that moment. That was still the question. And that was what ignited the jump. Tearing up just thinking about it again. What if we BELIEVED in our hearts about ourselves. When I was flying home from Utah a dear friend that I admire text me and said “ We are all so much more than we ever have allowed ourselves to be…. and then someone says yes and cracks the door open for all of us to see that, yes, Jesus really meant it when He said He goes above and beyond all we could ever ask or imagine. I am holding tight to your story & rising into my biggest yes yet.” and for yourself this year?!!! What can you say YES to that feels like HOW?! 

My heart. People, families, change, HOPE.

My heart aligns with this mission and it lights a fire inside me- my story, my struggle, my journey that led me here reminds me daily what it feels like to want someone to tell me, there is hope Casey, there is a way.

I received a huge honor this summer at Young Living Convention and I am sharing the video here because I hope you can see my heart and what this could be for your family… the video you see a small piece of my heart.

I have now over 81,000 people on my team and I show up every day sharing these safe, clean products, these oils , this business opportunity because I want to give you the chance to say yes too….it’s truly not about me anymore. Its about what it can mean for you.

I said yes when we had just walked yet another loss and my worry/overwhelm was at an all time high. My hormones were off. We had lost most everything and were living with family trying to figure out where God was leading us. Chris wrote a post “I’m determined to walk boldly toward the little lamp lighting my path. One step at a time. Falling forward. I’m moving on. Stay tuned. I’m expecting God to split seas. “

I said yes.
Scared and unsure, with shaking hands I said YES to a new story and RAN. and I won’t stop running until you have had the chance to say yes too.


August 7, 2019


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