Our Family Portraits in Seaside

This is the third year we have connected with this photographer and I love her so dearly. Not only does she have such a way of capturing our family but is creative, talented, kind and humble. I was instantly drawn to her kind spirit. Here are some words from her last year and then a peek into our session this year!

“It was the most perfect sunny day leading up to the Wiegand family session. You could tell it was more than just a dark cloud passing. Ten minutes go by and the sun is completely covered, but it was still clear of rain. Yes, the weather was changing rapidly, but I was more distracted by how beautiful this family is. Clearly on the outside, but to be around them (even in such a short time period) is a breath of fresh air. Personally, four kids is a handful (almost literally, haha!). I have four myself and it is SUCH a joy, but also makes for some really challenging days. So going into this session, I knew what I was in for! Haylee had the privilege of photographing their family last year, so I (Mandi) was excited to meet them! The way Chris and Casey spoke to their children was so full of grace, patience, and love. I mean, think about it….a stranger spending time on the beach following them around with a camera…what child is really okay with that? These precious children listened so well to both their parents and me. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did, and can feel their love right through them!” View her post here.


July 22, 2019


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  1. Mathilda says:

    Beautiful pictures! – as always 🙂 But I am wondering if there aren’t any challenging moments in your day to day family life? Reading your blog somnetimes makes me feel lacking. Because my husband and I do quarrel and have bad periods as a copule. My kids are not constant little sunshines – even if I loved them to be 😉 Maybe you could once writre about how this works so well in your family and how you are achiving it?

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