Adelaide Grace, I love you

These photos of me and my sweet Adelaide have me feeling so wistful. 
In just a month, she’s going to be three! 
I love watching her grow, seeing bright new changes in her every day. 
But my mama heart can hardly take losing her babyhood. 
I adore seeing her come into her own, being able to chat with us in brand new ways, taking after her older sisters, and wanting to be one of the big girls. It’s truly so sweet. 
But as I get older, and my kids grow up, those memories of them as babies seems to get even stronger. My heart aches remembering them in my arms, and I am so aware of how quickly it all goes.
Adelaide, my precious girl, ready to take on the world. You’ll be my baby girl forever, never ever far from my heart. 

I will never lose the feeling of a baby head all nuzzled up to my neck, the smell of their sweet little self and all the sweet moments met in the middle and quiet of the night. 

Each summer goes faster and as I celebrate the beauty of what today holds, I see it also just going so quickly. Here is to saying yes: to seeing the beauty in our little moments,
to soaking in the years and to cherishing it all , sealing it in our hearts. 

Being a mama and holding these sweet babies in my fingertips has been life’s greatest gift. 

braids via 
photos via beckley co


June 20, 2019


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