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Having daughters has been one of the sweetest gifts in my life. 

I love coordinating our outfits and creating “mommy and me” looks that make occasions so special! They think it is soooo fun to all match and I know they wont always feel that way! 

These days are fleeting, and I know they won’t last forever. But there is something so fun about taking the time to style our looks and dressing up with my girls even if its just a silly dress up day at home.

After watching Tangled over and over we finally decided it would be so fun to do a mommy and me dress up day where my friend came and did a pretend “spa” and we did Rapunzel braids. 

It was ADORABLE and immediately Apple was pulling out her dolls and all of her play hair stuff! 

I hope they’ll look back on these times together with the joy that I do, a special little connection in all these sweet moments. Whether it be rapunzel costume dress up, matching swimsuits or simply just a pretend spa day- these are the days! 

What an honor it is to have these sweet little kiddos who look to me for comfort, security, cuddles, a good cry, and plenty of good laughs – it is something I cannot take for granted!💕 

While they love fun adventures and exploring the world, they are equally delighted with slow, intentional times at home, building forts, baking together, and a good tea party.  There are so many ways to be intentional in our homes with our kiddos, encouraging their little imaginations, and playing with them in their little worlds…

These are surely the days I dreamed of, and I’m so thankful for every little moment together!


May 17, 2019


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