Flowers in My Sink: Keep your Flowers looking Fresh, Longer!

Having fresh flowers around our home is one of my very favorite things. Bringing so much colorful, natural beauty inside to enjoy is an easy way to bring happiness all over the house. I love picking out the perfect blooms every week and taking in their beauty for the days that follow!
I have some tips to help you keep your own flowers looking fresh longer, too!
1. Snip the ends of the stems! This is such an important step. Be sure to cut at a bit of an angle to allow better water absorption. Repeat every few days when you change the water. While you have your scissors out, trim off any leaves that will be below the water line.

2. Use cool water. Florists actually keep most fresh flower refrigerated, so starting with cool water is key to keeping your flowers looking their best. 

3. Grab your Thieves or Purification! Add a pinch of sugar to the water, along with a drop or two of Thieves or Purification, and your bouquet will last so much longer! I’m always amazed! You can also add a penny to the bottom of your vase or jar. The copper acts as an acidifier, which helps the flowers to stay fresh.

4. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, and away from fruit. This is a new one to me! But I just recently learned that ripening fruit can release tiny amounts of gas that can actually damage your flowers.

Having fresh flowers can bring so much cheer to any space, and with a few easy steps, you can keep them looking bright and beautiful so much longer!

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May 16, 2019


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