Aiden Story.

I wanted to share this story with you. 

This past year two of our kiddos had to practice bravery when it came to going to school for various reasons. Nothing was going on other than just a longing to be home ( no circumstances happening at school making them feel this way). Anyways, specifically with Aiden if you look back on his journey with getting HSP its been a hard few years- a ton of bravery, a ton to overcome, trauma to work through. Not to mention he is LITERALLY the most tender precious human being in the world. 

I have shared before that my struggle as a mama really is letting them experience hard things and to be honest if I look back on the past two years, he has been through enough. More than some adults that I know. I can remember being a little girl laying in bed at night asking and praying that I could take on any heartbreak for my little brother because I couldn’t handle the thought of it. Now multiply that a million as a mama. 

Each year there have been small ways the Lord has said, ” Casey let him grow here, this is good for him.” Its been incredibly hard for me.

So in the beginning of this year as this was happening everything in me wanted to just pull him out. Remove him from the struggle, take it away. But Chris and I prayed and prayed and kept feeling the Lord say, ” Let him see his bravery. He is safe and loved and cared for and this is a good strength being moved in him.” 

I sat in a conference with his PRECIOUS teacher with tears streaming as we talked about him strengthening in his own faith, his own trust in the Lord and how it was a beautiful thing for me to step back and let him spread his wings. I often say to myself ” Casey we want strong healthy adults” even when it feels painful. 

Teachers are heroes. 

They love on our babies in those precious hours when we are apart and have that beautiful opportunity to step into roles that forever impact them. I knew shed be able to nudge Aiden ways that I couldn’t.

The Lord is sweet, and He is so so faithful. As we creep up on the end of the school year I was telling his precious teacher that he had prayed the night before thanking God for her. In his prayer he said, ” you knew I would need her this year.” She shared with me this precious letter that he put on her desk ( only sharing part of it) but asked his permission to share here because you can SEE what God was doing. You can see that Aiden was CHANGED by this and even though we as parents were walking this, he too was able to see Gods goodness- see his own bravery and strength and I am SO thankful for the ways we always listen to what we feel like is best for our kiddos situation by situation.


May 18, 2019


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