Spain Trip

5 years ago my journey with oils started when we had lost our 3rd baby and I was sent down a path I NEVER expected. We began our journey into being aware of what was in our products, our water, our home. We switched products in our house ( ones you think are safe- might not be 😭) , fell in love with oils and changed our life 🌿❤️. I had no idea how much I was missing out on and couldn’t be MORE grateful to where this path has lead me!

When I first began I said I wasn’t telling anyone then quickly knew I heard God’s whisper…. ” Casey, open up your hands. Unclench your fists with this story and watch what I can do.” It was like a WAVE, a movement, a momentum the could not be stopped. Families saying YES and now 75,000 families later and on a mission to get safe clean products in every home. So so much work but the very best kind. 

Chris has always pushed me to dream, leap, do, chase. He’s he biggest gift to our family, I wouldn’t even be able to begin with a list because it would be so long. 

From art studios, documentaries, our show with the design network, remodeling projects, the blog, our oil biz, our blog conference …. just to a name a few – thank you babe for dreaming big with me, always saying- yes! Let’s do it! For being everything & more I could ever have hoped for. 

When I tell him I have an idea or a dream, he says “how can we make that happen”.

This sweet daddy who has never missed a presentation FaceTimed in from a speeding train in Spain to watch our girl present on Charlottes Web. My heart 😭❤️

 Sometimes I feel let to go and sometimes I feel led to stay, so grateful for the freedom to choose either way! I sent my guy off to Spain with his brother for a trip of a lifetime! 

Planting and harvesting cistus in Seville, Spain!

At 22 years old Im not sure I could really truly grasp what it would mean to build a life with someone and to walk through all the highs and lows together but Im forever grateful it was you. Yesterday with the sunlight pouring in, Father of the Bride soundtrack playing while we cooked, kids rollerblading around the house in their jammies- I couldn’t help but just be so grateful for this beautiful life. Thankful every day. 
If you are new around here and see a lot of pretty pictures- know there was much hardship leading here. Financial struggles, a child in the ICU, an autoimmune disease, 4 separate NICU babies, a closed art studio, 3 miscarriages, high risk pregnancies and there is even more beyond this list. We have trenched through much hurt to land where you see us today. And always clung to finding the beauty in our everydays as we took steps forward. Remember that you never know where someone is at in their own story. Thankful for what the Lord has done in my heart along the way.

What is on your dream bucket list to travel to?! 


April 17, 2019


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